Malta Packaging Solutions

Imperial Manufacturing Co. Ltd is the leading Malta packaging manufacturer, renowned for producing high-quality custom-made packaging solutions.

Our in-house department produces accurate tooling and sample prototypes and offers a full design service to customers requiring a more individual approach.

From Blister Packaging, Food Packaging, Insert Trays, Gift Boxes, Gift Wraps, Plastic Containers, Plastic Boxes and HIPS/Coloured material packaging to anti-Static Electronics Packaging, no item is too big or too small for our company to produce.

As part of an ongoing capital investment programme, the company updates its manufacturing equipment to maintain its high level of service and expand the product range.

Since we also produce raw materials in-house, we can create packaging solutions of any size, thickness and colour.

Malta packaging manufacturer
Malta packaging manufacturer
Food Packaging


Imperial Manufacturing Ltd offers flexible packaging solutions that fit your needs and will help increase your brand exposure and consumer recognition. Our food packaging designs are based on our proprietary film products in order to give you a competitive advantage in the market place and drive profitability.


Malta Insert Trays
Blister / Anti-Static Electronics Packaging


For all types of blister packaging, anti-static electronics packaging and anti-static packaging solutions - we provide various types of packaging containers in any size, colour and thickness.


Malta food packaging manufacturer
Insert trays


Imperial Manufacturing Co. Ltd is the leading Malta Insert Trays manufacturer. Best Malta Packaging Solutions: we manufacture custom-made insert trays and packaging containers in any size, thickness and colour.


Malta Blister Packaging
HIPS/Coloured material packaging


Malta suppliers of HIPS (H.I.P.S.) - High Impact Polystyrene Sheets for Forming and Printing – and all types of coloured material packaging.